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We welcome people of all ages!

Our facility houses 13 full sized billiards tables, 2 4x8 tables, full kitchen and bar, 6 big screen TVs, jukebox, cue locker rentals, with amateur leagues running all year long.

CPA (Canadian Pool Association)

The CPA League runs three sessions: Summer, Fall and Spring. The league has play-offs at the end of each session with Regionals held after Spring Session each year. Winning teams travel to Las Vegas in August for the APA World Pool Championships!

The CPA also hosts Singles qualifiers whereby the winners of the perspective skill levels have the opportunity to travel to Las Vegas in May to compete in the APA World Poolplayer Championships!

Remember: It takes all skill levels of pool players to complete a team! For more information contact Al Toelle or Trina Matthews, the CPA Alberta League representatives, (780.235.5202) or speak to your server.

Cash League

If you are interested in playing in the Cash League, please speak with Jan Gardiner. The Cash League is held on Tuesday evenings from September through to April/May and operated by The Sharks Club. Finals are in April/May with cash prizes and food to finish out the season!

Special Events

Our club members love to support the community! Throughout the year a number of charity events are hosted by individuals for charities such as the Juvenile Diabetes Association, Breast Cancer, and Prostate Cancer to name a few. See the 'Events' page for our new CPA events.

Annual Events

Late November, The Sharks Club hosts an Annual Scotch Doubles Tournament to raise monetary gifts and presents for those less fortunate at Christmas for The Kinettes Club of Spruce Grove.

On New Year's Eve The Sharks Club hosts a New Year's Eve Party (unless it falls on a Sunday evening)! This event is full of fun, prizes, pool tournament(s)! 

Please check our Events page frequently for upcoming dates and details! Pictures and results can be viewed on our Sharks Facebook Page!

Private parties, special tournaments, school events, etc. can be booked in advance by contacting Nadina, Jan or Harvey 780.962.4728.

Open Tables

Mon - Thurs 3:00 pm - 6:30 pm
Fri - Sat 2:00 pm - Midnight

There has been a very high demand for tables from the general public; therefore, we have made 3 full-sized tables now available on league evenings (Mon, Wed, and Thurs from 3:00 pm to close). These tables may be in demand during these times; therefore, you may want to call ahead to check for availability. Tables can be reserved by calling 780.962.4728.
Note: During the summer months (Jun - Sept) open tables are available on Monday evenings.

Billiards Etiquette

We encourage our patrons to practice billiards etiquette so that everyone can enjoy themselves and wonderful memories can be created at The Sharks Club. 
Generally, the rule guidelines are as follows:

- Know the rules before you play. There are variations, bar rules, CPA rules, etc. Check our Links page if you wold like more information on rules.

- Find a seat and sit in it, only the player shooting should be at the table. (The pool hall is a nice big space which children have a hard time resisting running and playing in; however, this can be a distraction to players so we ask that children stay in their area.)

- Do not stand at the pool tables with drinks or place drinks anywhere on the pool tables.

- Chalk should be place face up on the table's edge; when it's placed face down it leaves blue residue which rubs onto people's clothes.

- Breaking patches are provided, please use them. (For beginners: This is the small patch provided with the set of balls. The breaking patch is placed under the cue ball prior to breaking and removed right after striking the cue ball. It is used to protect the table cloth.)
- Racks are provided under the tables, please do NOT hang racks on the table lights.

- Please do not place cue cases/bags on pool tables as this may leave dust marks and/or damage the playing surface.

- Use two hands on your cue when shooting. One-handed shots are not allowed as they may lead to damaging tables.

- Always keep one foot on the floor when shooting and do NOT sit on the tables.

- Cues are meant for shooting pool and not meant as weapons. Ensure they are in a safe place when not in use.
- Remember good sportsmanship! 

Thank you for helping to create a fun and welcoming experience for everyone!

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